AD24 Plug in Power Supply

Fetures ◊ Universal input 85 ~265VAC ◊ Output 12/24VDC 0~2A, 24Watts ◊ EI-57 standard package ◊ High efficiency, less power dissipation meet EISA 2007 requirement ◊ Over current ,short circuit & over voltage protection ◊ Design compliant with UL, cUL, GS, CE standard
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◊ Universal input 85 ~265VAC

◊ Output 12/24VDC 0~2A, 24Watts

◊ EI-57 standard package  

◊ High efficiency, less power dissipation meet EISA 2007 requirement

◊ Over current ,short circuit & over voltage protection

       ◊ Design compliant with UL, cUL, GS, CE standard  


The AD24-12 & AD24-24 module are a series of isolated, Fly-back digital power supply that operate from a input range 85 to 265VAC (47~63Hz). These digital power supplies are available in a range of output voltage 12V and 24V, continuous 24Watts output capability. They are packaged in an EI-57 standard UL 94V-0 plastic enclosure; plug is 3 prong US type. Standard features include over current and short circuit protection. The efficiency is 80% minimum under 25% to 100% load condition. Typical applications include IT peripheral, home security data access system and other computing and communications equipment.



◊ Home security data access system 

◊ Distributed power architectures

◊ Data networking equipment

◊ Telecommunication     

◊ Computers and peripherals

Part Number Selection

Output Voltage Input Range

Max. O/P Current

Typical Efficiency Model
12V 85-265VAC 2.0A 84% AD24-12
24V 85-265VAC 1.0A 84% AD24-24

Absolute Maximum Ratings*1

Parameter Symbol Min. Max. Unit
Continuous Input Voltage Vin 85 265 V
Operating Temperature Ta -20 50 °C
Storage Temperature Ts -40 85 °C
Operating Humidity*2   20% 80% RH
Storage Humidity   10% 90% RH


*1. Use beyond the maximum rating may cause a reliability degradation of the power supply or may permanently damage the unit.

*2. Above humidity range to be defined under Non-condensing status

Input Specifications

Parameter Symbol Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Input Voltage Vin 85 120/230 265 VAC
Frequency f 47 50/60 63 Hz
No Load Input Power Pi(N.L.)     0.5 Watts
Inrush Current*3     30/60   A
Input Current       1.0 A


*3. The inrush current is measured under normal input voltage (115/230VAC), cold start, 25oC & full load condition

Output Specifications

Parameter Model Symbol Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Output Voltage Set Point










Load Regulation*5 All %   1%    
Line Regulation*6 All %   1%    
Regulation Over Temperature(-20°C to 65°C) All       TBD mV
Output Ripple & Noise All       150 mVp-p
Output Current Range



Iout 0  



Turn On Time All       TBD ms
Overshoot at Turn On All       5 %



*4 All specifications are defined under nominal input (120/230VAC), full load at 25 oC unless otherwise specified.

*5 Load regulation: by change the output load from 10% to 100% of rated load carries out the measurement.

*6 Line regulation: by change the line input from specified range, carries out the output measurement. With fixed rated load. 

*7 The ripple & noise is measured using 0-20MHz band width oscilloscope & terminated output a 10u/35V tantalum or MLCC X5R capacitor.

Parameter Model Symbol Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Transient Response*8
ΔV 50% to 100% of Load All       TBD mV
Recovering Time Tr     TBD μS
ΔV 100% to 50% of Load       TBD mV
Recovering Time Tr     TBD μS

*8 di/dt = 0.5A/uS, Ta = 25 oC. with 10u/35V tantalum or MLCC X5R capacitor on output. 


General Specifications

Parameter Model Symbol Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Efficiency*9 All η   85   %
Switching Frequency fosc   65   KHz
Over Voltage Protection OVP 110 130 150 %
Over Current Protection OCP 110 145 180 %
Short Circuit Protection*10 SCP Automatic Recovery
Mean Time Between Failure*11 MTBF 50,000 Hrs
Indicator   Red LED Shows Output is Powered


*9. The efficiency η is average efficiency value where η=(η1+η2+η3+η4)/4, η1~η4 means the efficiency value under 25%,50%,75% & 100% load & normal input condition. 

*10. When short circuit or over current is activated, the power supply will go into Hiccup mode against short circuit or overload conditions and will recover once fault condition removed. 

*11. T ambient at 25oC, rated load condition  

Mechanical Specifications

◊ EI-57 standard package

◊ Mounting, plug into outlet and is secured with electrical plate mounting screw

◊ Plug 3 prong US

◊ Connection, 3 screw terminals (Positive, Negative, Earth ground)

◊ Weight : 180g typical